Levi Angelo is the result of destiny, experience and a love story about my passion… gelato & chocolate. During my childhood I was surrounded by chocolate. Because of my parents chocolate business, I had daily tastings of Belgian pralines. Those years became important for what later would become the center of my life today. 

In those days the story began… born of fascination, forged with respect and shaped with passion.

Even starting out in pastry when very young, my continuous desire to improve my ‘know how’ brought me all over the world seeking for improvement.

From my humble point of view gelato, chocolates and pastry should be natural and pure, delicate and distinguished with harmonised flavours, original presentations and perfected textures. 

Since 2017, thanks to the unconditional support of my wife Hanne and our strong team, we are offering unequalled & finest quality.

100% natural gelato, chocolate delicacies, turrón and pralines, everything fully handcrafted, elaborated with superior and natural raw materials, most of them from local producers. 

We hope you enjoy and perceive our passion in all our products.

Levi Angelo